Trees of Delhi : A Field Guide

Pradip Krishen, Penguin, 2006, 360 p, plates, ISBN : 9780144000708, $55.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Trees of Delhi : A Field Guide/Pradip Krishen

Contents: I. Introduction. Preface. 1. What is a tree? 2. Tree names. 3. The parts of a tree. 4. How to use this book. 5. The leaf scheme. 6. Delhi as a habitat for trees. 7. Delhi's natural ecology. 8. Delhi's micro-habitats. 9. Where exactly is the ridge? 10. Native trees of the Delhi ridge. 11. 19 century Delhi. 12. Avenue trees in the new capital. 13. The afforestation of the central ridge: Post-1911. 14. Delhi today. 15. Where to go tree spotting in Delhi. II. Tree guide: 1. Jamun-like leaves. 2. Peepal-like leaves. 3. Frangipani-like leaves. 4. Chinar-like leaves. 5. Pine-like leaves. 6. Kachnar-or Bael-like leaves. 7. Semal-like leaves. 8. Imli-like leaves. 9. Gulmohur-like leaves. 10. Palm-like leaves. III. Back of the book: 1. Relating to the character, uses or distribution of trees. 2. Relating to the identity, taxonomy or name of a tree. 3. Family names. 4. List of species. Index.

"Trees of Delhi introduces you to every tree you are likely to see in the city or in semi-wilderness areas like the Ridge. You do not have to be a botanist to enjoy this book: everything is explained in simple language. Nor do you have to live in Delhi: cities like Jaipur, Lucknow or Bhopal have substantially the same tree flora as Delhi. And even in wet, coastal cities like Mumbai or Kolkata, this field guide will help you recognize many of the trees you'll see around you. If you aren't a tree lover already, this book is bound to make you one.

Over 1100 full-colour photographs.252 species. Extensive notes about the most common tree species. Index to both local and scientific names. Tips on some of the best places to see trees in Delhi."

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