Art of War in Ancient India
R.K. Sachdeva, Mohit Publications, 2012, vi, 296 p, ISBN : 9788174456144, Price : $55.00
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Art of War in Ancient India

Contents: Preface. 1. Introduction. 2. Indian martial arts. 3. Warfare in ancient India. 4. Kautilya: war and diplomacy in ancient India. 5. Art of war through elephant. 6. The ancient warfare, weapons and military of India. 7. Chariots: ancient warfare. 8. The centerpiece of ancient Indian war. 9. Indian mythological weapons. 10. Wars of Hindu mythology. 11. Kalinga War: change the life of King Ashoka. 12. Role of the Indian army. Glossary of war. Bibliography. Index.

Imperial sway in ancient India meant the active rule of an individual monarch who by his ability and prowess brought to subjection the neighbouring chieftains and other rulers and proclaimed himself and other rulers, and proclaimed himself the sole ruler of the earth. This goes by the name of digvijaya. It is not necessary that he should conquer all states y the sword. A small state might feel the weight of a conquering king and render obeisance of its own accord. The Indian subcontinent is home to a variety of fighting styles. In Sanskrit they may be collectively referred to as uastravidya or dhanurveda. The former is a compound of the words uastra (sword, weapon) and vidya (learning) meaning knowledge f the sword or knowledge of weaponry. This work is essentially useful for scholars researchers social activists academics government functionaries and the general reader alike. It must be taken as a valuable addition to the treasure of books on the subject of art of war in ancient India.

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