Extended Mathematics for Cambridge IGCSE

Audrey Simpson, Cambridge University Press, 2011, 458 p, ISBN : 9780521186032, $0.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Extended Mathematics for Cambridge IGCSE

Contents: Introduction. Acknowledgements. Note. 1 Real Numbers. 2 Algebra I. 3. Working with Numbers. 4 Algebra II. 5 Geometry and Shape. 6 Algebra and Graphs. 7 Length, Area and Volume. 8 Further Algebra. 9 Trigonometry. 10 Transformations, Vectors and Matrices. 11 Statistics. 12 Probability. Revision and Examination Hints. Answer key. Index.

Extended Mathematics for Cambridge IGCSE provides the second year of a two-year course leading to Cambridge IGCSE Mathematics Extended Level examination from University of Cambridge International Examinations. The two books (Core and Extended) taken together completely cover the syllabus for Cambridge IGCSE Mathematics Extended Level. Students may either study the whole of the Core course in their first year, followed by the Extended in their second year, or they may study Chapter 1 in Core followed immediately by Chapter 1 in Extended. Either way the books are designed to be worked through sequentially and can be used as classroom textbooks or for self-study.

Key features: Introduction of each new topic to assist students working alone to understand the concepts and to provide a back-up to classroom teaching. Core Skills exercise at the beginning of each chapter for recapitulating the concepts taught in the Core Book. Worked examples for better understanding of the methods. Exercises at key points in each chapter for practice and learning. Past examination questions at the end of each chapter to enable students to have a sense of achievement as they work towards their final examinations. Guidance for avoiding common errors and improving examination skills. Answers to all exercises and examination questions at the end of the book to enable students to monitor their work as they proceed.

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