A Question and Answer Guide to Astronomy

Pierre Yves Bely, Carol Christian and Jean Rene Roy, Cambridge University Press, 2011, Pbk, 294 p, 66 b/w illus, 305 colour illus, ISBN : 9781107601710, $0.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

A Question and Answer Guide to Astronomy

Contents: 1. Stars. 2. The Solar System. 3. The Earth. 4. The Moon. 5. Celestial phenomena. 6. The Universe. 7. Life in the Universe. 8. History of astronomy. 9. Telescopes.10. Amateur astronomy. Bibliography. References. Index.

Are we alone in the Universe? Was there anything before the Big Bang? Are there other universes? What are sunspots? What is a shooting star? Was there ever life on Mars?

This book answers the fascinating questions that we have been asking ourselves for hundreds of years. Using non-technical language, the authors summarize current astronomical knowledge, taking care to include the important underlying scientific principles. Plentiful color illustrations, graphs and photographs lend further weight to their simple yet meticulously written explanations. An extensive bibliography allows you to pursue or recap on the subjects that rouse your particular interest. Dip in to discover and learn fascinating facts about our Solar System and the Universe beyond!

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