AIDS and Civil Society

Ram Shankar Singh and Sunil Kumar, ABD Pub, 2011, viii, 320 p, ISBN : 9788183762670, $0.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

AIDS and Civil Society

Contents: Preface. 1. To Live with Dignity. 2. Poverty and HIV/AIDS in Sub-saharan Africa. 3. Religion and AIDS. 4. Legal Issues that Arise in the HIV Context. 5. Human Rights and HIV/AIDS. 6. HIV/AIDS Communication Framework. 7. Human Rights Perspective on HIV/AIDS in India. Bibliography. Index.

From the Preface: AIDS stigma exists around the world in a variety of ways, including ostracism, rejection discrimination and avoidance of HIV infected people, compulsory HIV testing without prior consent or protection of confidentiality, violence against HIV infected individuals or people who are perceived to be infected with HIV and the quarantine of HIV infected individuals. Stigma-related violence or the fear of violence prevents many people form seeking HIV testing, returning for their results, for securing treatment, possibly turning what could be a manageable chronic illness into a death sentence and perpetuating the spread of HIV.

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