A Background to the Study of English Literature

D.K. Patnaik, Swastik Publications, 2012, v, 248 p, ISBN : 9381084204, $45.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

A Background to the Study of English LiteratureContents: Preface. 1. Subjective and objective poetry. 2. Poetical types. 3. Stanza forms. 4. Schools and movements. 5. The dramatic art. 6. Dramatic types. 7. Dramatic devices. 8. Origin of the English drama. 9. Origin of the English theatre. 10. Notes on Shakespeare. 11. Dramatic modernism. 12. The essay. 13. The novel. 14. The short story. 15. biography and autobiography. 16. Criticism. 17. Style. Bibliography.
This comprehensive study of English literature indented to be useful and popular among students because of the simplicity and directness of explanations of the various terms and concepts, its wealth of illustrative examples enables the reader to assimilate the content without being intimidated by its range and scope. Written in a very careful manner keeping in view of the course requirements it is aimed at familiarising students with the vibrant currents of thought that have enriched the literary enterprise of our time. (jacket)
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