A Text Book Of Accounting For Managers

H.J. Ghosh Roy and A.K. Singhal, Vayu Education Of India, 2009, Reprint, xiv, 636 p, ISBN : 9789380097622, $70.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

A Text Book Of Accounting For ManagersContents: I: 1. Meaning of accounting - an introduction. 2. Accounting cycle, journal, ledger and trial balance. 3. Depreciation accounts. 4. Final accounts with adjustments. II: 5. Ratio analysis. 6. Funds flow statement. 7. Cash flow statement. III: 8. Meaning of management accounting. 9. Meaning of cost accounting. 10. Stock valuation or inventory valuation. IV: 11. Budgetary control. 12. Standard costing and analysis of variances. 13. Marginal costing, decision-making and break-even analysis. Lit of abbreviations. Bibliography. Index.

A simplified, systematic approach towards understanding a complex subject. Written in a unique, simple and easy to understand language that enables a quicker grasp for the MBA students. Each topic, after a theoretical exposition, is followed by plenty of illustrations with solutions to facilitate the busy student to master the practical application of the management. Numerous problems and solutions have been given to enable the students to clearly grasp the intricate provisions. Each chapter contains theoretical and practical questions. A novel features in the book is the beginning of each chapter, which enables the students to study accounts in a systematic manner. User-friendly examination oriented examination oriented style that facilitates the comprehension in half unit-wise and topic-wise manager.
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