A Handbook of Sociology

William F. Ogburn and Meyer F. Nimkoff, Sarup Book, 2011, Sarup World Classics in Social Sciences, xxxii, 868 p, ISBN : 9788176257138, $130.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

A Handbook of Sociology

Contents: Preface to the English edition. Introduction. 1. Factors in the social life of man. II. Culture: 2. The role of culture. 3. The contribution of biology factors. 4. The influence of geographical environment. III. Human nature: 5. Heredity and personality. 6. Group and personality. 7. Culture and personality. 8. Personality disorganization. IV. Collective behaviour: 9. Group life. 10. Suggestibility crowds and publics. 11. Status: social classed. 12. Co-operation, competition and conflict. 13. Accommodation and assimilation. V. Communities: 14. Human ecology. 15. The distribution of population. 16. The growth of population. 17. Characteristics of communities. VI. Social institutions: 18. The organization of society. 19. Economic institutions. 20. Governmental institutions. 21. Religious institutions. 22. The family. 23. The interrelationship of institutions. VII. Social change: 24. The growth of culture. 25. Obstacles to social change. 26. The social effects of inventions. 27. Social disorganization. 28. The adjustment of man and culture. Appendix: Topics for further discussion and study.

Sociology is a new discipline, which has been developed in the western world in the modern form. This book deals with all the development in the field of sociology in a historical context. This book is useful for sociologists researchers and social reformers.

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