Advanced Management and Cost Accounting

K.S. Vataliya, Paradise Publishers, 2011, viii, 352 p, ISBN : 9789380033297, $75.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Advanced Management and Cost Accounting

Contents: 1. Introduction. 2. Methods of costing and allocation. 3. Meaning and advantages of costing. 4. Capital structure and cost of capital. 5. Marginal costing concepts. 6. Cost accounting: Concepts and techniques. 7. Cost control and quantitative techniques. 8. Financial leverage. 9. Ratio analysis. 10. Working capital. 11. Standard costing and variances analysis. 12. Budgeting and budgetary control. 13. Valuation methods. 14. Product pricing: Methods and strategies. 15. Price methods: Advantage and disadvantages. 16. Quality control. 17. Brand Management. 18. Life cycle costing. 19. Management consideration and cost-volume. 20. Risk and profit management. 21. Mechanised accounting. 22. Development of human resources.

This book provides a systematic, precise and analytical explanation of the areas of advanced Management and Cost Accounting.

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