Water Resource Management in India : Problems and Prospects

Edited by Ashu Jain and Narendra Shukla, Pointer, 2012, xi, 173 p, ISBN : 9788171326877, $35.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Water Resource Management in India : Problems and Prospects

Contents: 1. Management of natural resources in India: a case study of water resources/Ashish Mishra. 2. Water management in ancient India/Alkesh Chaturvedi and Sanjeev Singh. 3. Water resource management in India: some issues/Anita Nayak and Neelkanth G. Pendse. 4. Water resources in India/Sonali Bhandari. 5. Water management as a challenge/Sweta Shrivastava and Atul Dubey. 6. Water resource management/Rudresh Pandey and Hemant Kashyap. 7. Beating the water crisis: through strategic water resource management/Shikha Bhargava. 8. Water resources development in India : critical issues and strategies options/Preeti Rajput. 9. Water resource management in India/Shalini Andrews and Nupur Mathur. 10. Management of water resource in India/Preeti Jain. 11. An integrated approach to water resource management/Ashok Kumar Rai. 12. An urgent need for water resources management in India/Manish Khare. 13. Watershed in India some case studies/Bipin Beohar. 14. Watershed development programs in India: a key initiative for women empowerment/Ruchira Agrawal and Sheetal K. Ahuja. 15. Water conservation and rain harvesting/Harshit Dwivedi and Anjali Shukla.

Water is a unique substance. It is one of the few materials on the Earth that exists naturally as a solid, liquid or gas. It is not possible for life on earth to exist without water. Scientists estimate that there are over one billion cubic kilometers of water on this earth, which covers nearly ¾ of the earth’s surface. Though this seems an inordinately huge amount, in actual fact, less than 1% is fresh and usable and is found in lakes, ponds, rivers and groundwater. Of the remaining, 97% is found in oceans and 2% is locked up in glaciers and ice-caps.

In present scenario the whole world is suffering from the problem of ‘lacking of water resource’. As we know the water resource is totally free from nature that’s why we are not worried about the precious gift of nature, which is obviously water. There are a lot of challenges that are untouched and unseen. The challenges have to be overviewed and looked in for safe future. There is not any single supplement of water, nothing can replace it. Nature has given us everything we need. Now its our turn to repay it as soon as it is possible. The present book contains 15 different research articles which cover the major aspect of Water Resource Management in India. It is hoped that this book will be highly useful to students, scholars, professors, planners and policy makers.

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