Advertising and Corporate Communication

David Winterson, Centrum Press, 2010, 312 p, ISBN : 9789380836249, $55.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Advertising and Corporate CommunicationContents: 1. Advertising. 2. Television Advertisement. 3. Advertising Media Planning. 4. Media and Advertising. 5. Corporate Media. 6. Corporate Media Planning. 7. Advertising Media Selection. 8. Corporate Communication. 9. Marketing Association. 10. Brand Extension.

This book is providing a different type of vehicle for communicating with consumers that do not necessarily follow all of the rules of other types of marketing communication, as sports marketing is one of the fastest growing areas of marketing communication. The purpose of this book is to provide advance understanding in this area. It presents chapters that deal with topics in marketing in a scholarly and comprehensive way, covering major topics of discussion in marketing and the communication.

Thus, this book of Advertising and Corporate Communication provides the reader with basic and important information pertaining the role of these in a country like ours. The coming century will not only be a century of media but will also be a century of public relations and democracy. More books are needed to fulfill the paucity existing in this area. (jacket)
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