Anatomy and Exercise Physiology

Edited by Rajeev Kumar, Sports Publication, 2012, iv, 284 p, ISBN : 9788189796970, $40.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Anatomy and Exercise Physiology

Contents: 1. Human body. 2. Cells and tissues. 3. Bones joints and skeletal system. 4. Muscular system. 5. Digestive system. 6. Respiratory system. 7. Nervous system. 8. Reproductive system. 9. Circulatory system. 10. Excretory system. 11. Endocrine system. 12. Sensory system. 13. Exercise physiology-an introduction. 14. Energy systems of the body. 15. Exercise performance. 16. Kidney: responses and adaptations to exercise and training. 17. Metabolic adaptation to exercise and training. 18. Effect of training and exercise on human systems.

It is very necessary to have some knowledge about human body before discussing about the concepts of Anatomy and physiology. IN simple terms, it can be said that human body is a very complicated machine. No action or activity can be done without various kinds of other activities, which take place with in the human body. An individual activity is the result of various coordinated activities.

The present book entitled Anatomy and exercise Physiology discusses all the aspects of Anatomy and Exercise Physiology. The text are arranged in a lucid form and written in simple colloquial English language.

Hopefully the present book will be immensely useful for the students of physical education and sports sciences.

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