Researches in Indian Archaeology, Art, Architecture, Culture and Religion (Vijayakanta Mishra Commemoration Volume) (2 Vols-Set)

Edited by Phanikanta Mishra, Sundeep, 1995, 509 p, 2 Vols, 107 plates, $165.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Contents: Editor's note Vol. I : I. Archaeology: 1. The Neolithic base of the culture of the Ganga valley/K.S. Shukla. 2. The head hunters in the rock painting of Pachmarhi hills of Madhya Pradesh/Meenakshi Dubey Pathak. 3. Imprecatory passages in Andhra inscriptions/C. Somasundara Rao. 4. Gold coins in Karnataka/A.V. Narasimha Murthy. 5. Kumbha Sataskarni, Karna Satakarni and Saka Satakarni/Ajay Mitra Shastri. 6. The metal technology of the Harappa and the copper hoard culture in the light of new data/D.P. Agrawal, K. Chattopadhyaya, R.V. Krishnamurthy and Sheela Kusumgar. 7. Newly noticed painted rocks of Seoni-Malwa region--a report/Dharmendra Prasad. 8. Comparative study of lower Palaeolithic industries of India and south-east Asia with special reference to Bihar/D.P. Sharma and Madhuri Sharma. 9. Pachmari boats: an evidence of ancient shipping/Alok Tripathi. 10. Gleanings of the past reminiscences of Bilawali excavations/C. Krishna. 11. Role of iron in the history of mankind with special reference to archaeological antiquities made of iron/A.P. Sagar and C. Rama Devi. 12. Painted rock shelters in Madhya Pradesh/M.D. Khare. 13. Excavation at Besnagar/Kumari Rajani Misra. 14. Archaeology in Italy: a brief history and the actual situation/A. Camilli. 15. Remains of stupas in the district of Vaisali/M.M. Singh. 16. Magha-Bhadi 8 (?) in Asokan edict/D.C. Sircar. 17. Prehistoric cave-paintings near Gwalior/B.B. Lal and S.K. Shrivastava. 18. Varna treasure from Bulgaria: a fresh light on copper age/S.P. Gupta. 19. Diplomatic of Sanskrit copper-plate grants/Bahadur Chand Chhabra. 20. Excavations in Gujarat/M.H. Raval. 21. Exploration in the Changoba Ghati/Raghubir S. Thakur. 22. A note on aesthetic evaluation of the Varaha images in Ancient India/Anil Kumar Gupta. 23. On early Buddhist stupas, Chaityas and monasteries: 3rd century B.C. to 3rd century A.D./M. Rao. 24. Archaeological importance of Cooch Bihar/R.G. Pandeya. 25. Giri-Durg of Dev Hansa Garh district Dholpur/H.N. Singh. II. Art and architecture: 26. Madhubani painting/Upendra Thakur. 27. Harappan terracotta art/Radha Banerjee. 28. A study of the ground plans of the Kakatiya temples/Y. Gopala Reddy. 29. Rock art as medium of communication/Asok K. Ghosh, Kakali Das and Biplab Bhukta. 30. Forts in early Assam/Jai Prakash Singh. 31. Early terracottas of Bengal: a note defining some problems/Gautam Sengupta. 32. Saiva tradition in Indian art from earliest time to Kushana period/Phanikanta Mishra. 33. The great Garhwal famine of 1877-78 A.D./C.M. Agrawal. 34. The significance and legacy of temple worship in Tamilnadu/G. Kuppuram. 35. Champaner-the old glory/R.N. Mehta. 36. Vamana sculpture from Khajuraho excavation/Yashi Mishra. 37. Mahishamardini in the Medieval Art Haryana/Devendra Handa.

Vol. II : III. Religion and Philosophy: 38. The Ramayana: its importance, influence and popularity/P. Banerjee. 39. Buddhism: an offshoot of Brahmanism/Pranabananda Jash. 40. A study of Thai Buddhist devotionalism/V.V.S. Saibaba. 41. The personality of Hanuman in Ancient Indian culture and literature/K. Kumudamani. 42. Samayasundara and his contribution to Sanskrit literature/Satya Vrat. 43. Role of Grhapati in Mrcchakatikam/S.V. Sohoni. 44. Mithuna as an auspicious motif/P.K. Agrawala. 45. Myth of Triveni at Prayaga/D.P. Dubey. 46. Identification of Dhenukakata/H.S. Thosar. 47. The pre-systematic (Vedic and Upanisadic) thought/K.K. Mittal. IV. Cultural vestige: 48. Aspects of the condition of the people of lower classes in Medieval Mithila (14th-18th centuries A.D.)/Prabir Kumar Jha. 49. Jhulpur plate and the Kalachuris of Tripuri house/V.D. Jha. 50. The illiteracy of Muhammad and Hui-Neng/Arvind Sharma. 51. Sri Lanka in a vortex of cultural cross currents/A.D.T.E. Perera. 52. Retrieval of Indian antiquities smuggled abroad/D.K. Sinha. 53. Varro. R.R. 12,22-23 and Tolfa mountains/Enrico Benelli. 54. Folk dance of Mithila--a survey/Vijay Kumar Thakur. 55. Protection of monuments in India/G. Kuppuram. 56. Unique conservation of Moti Bagh Palace Patiala/B.R. Meena and Phanikanta Mishra.

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