A View to Clinical Psychology

Smita Tiwary Ojha, Janaki Prakashan, 2011, x, 162 p, ISBN : 9789381221167, $25.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

A View to Clinical PsychologyContents: Preface. 1. Mental retardation. 2. Behavior problem. 3. Screening and early detection. 4. Behaviour management and functional analysis. 5. Hypothesis. 6. Methodology. 7. Data representation. 8. Intervention suggested on the basis of data obtained. Summary. References.

All behaviours are acquired by us by learning it from our environment. Hence they can be changed or modified by modifying the learning environment through various psychological and educational techniques. The topic of this book is  A View to Clinical Psychology. As the name suggests the book deals with an important aspect of psychology and clinical psychology, that is, mental retardation and behavior problems. The above said two topics are very much integrated as without managing problem behaviours, the intervention of mental retardation is very much difficult. The study aimed at investing the causes of mental retardation and behavior problems in individuals and suggesting their management intervention program in early intervention perspective. In the present scenario, the role of clinical psychology is growing more and more. Each nation needs an estimate of the need for mental health care in its population so that it can make plans for adequate services. Since there is increased awareness of its importance, the whole human community and professionals is focusing on maintaining normal mental health and proper habilitation of the mentally retarded and other disabled too so that they can also become fruitful member of the society. (jacket)
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