Advancement of Fish Fisheries and Technology

K.P. Biswas, Narendra Publishing House, 2012, xiv, 382 p, ISBN : 9789380428437, $85.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Advancement of Fish Fisheries and Technology

Contents: Preface. Introduction. 1. A typical fish. 2. Classification of fishes. 3. World fisheries. 4. Indian fisheries. 5. Resources survey. 6. Culturable freshwater fishes. 7. Hatching technique. 8. Transport of fish seed. 9. Fry production nursery management. 10. Production of fingerlings rearing pond management. 11. Production of marketable fish stocking pond management. 12. Live fish culture. 13. Diversification of aquaculture. 14. Fish production from reservoirs and lakes. 15. Riverine fisheries. 16. Fish health and common disease. 17. The Indian estuaries and lagoons. 18. Culture of fish in brackish waters. 19. Coastal aquaculture. 20. Ecology and fisheries. 21. Marine fisheries and global fish production. 22. Fisheries oceanography. 23. Oil sardine fishery. 24. Fish catching methods. 25. Conservation and management of marine fisheries. 26. Trend of fish consumption. 27. Fish spoilage. 28. Fish preservation and fish products. 29. Fishing communities and their socio-economic problems. 30. Marketing of fish and fish products. 31. Fisheries extension. 32. Exclusive economic zone and fisheries management. 33. Ornamental fish keeping. 34. Statistics for fisheries development and administration. References.

The first edition of A Text Book of Fish Fisheries and technology covering the basic ideas and initial progress made in freshwater brackish water and marine fisheries together with the pre and post harvesting technologies was published in 1990. The updated second edition of the book was subsequently published in 1996. In the mean time in last 14 years, lots of advancement such as diversification of aquaculture both for higher unit yield in mono sex farming covering newer species for commercial aquaculture and adoption of new culture technology cage culture etc. have been taken place. Modernization of Indian fishing fleet to exploit deep sea fishery resources commercially and shifting over to harvest pelagic and semi-pelagic fishery resources commercially in certain regions of Indian coasts is another recent advances in Indian marine fisheries sector. Advanced methods of post-harvesting technology was adopted by many of the modern fishing unit for export of quality products. All these advances have been covered in the book Advancement in fish, fisheries and technology, which included the advanced diagnostic methods now adopted for detecting diseases and modern preventive measures. Marine ornamental fish culture is given special attention for higher export earnings. (jacket)

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