Fundamentals of Ornamental Horticulture and Landscape Gardening

A.K. Tiwari, New India Publishing Agency, 2012, xxxviii, 548 p, figs, tables, col. plates, ISBN : 9789381450079, $110.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Fundamentals of Ornamental Horticulture and Landscape Gardening

Contents: Preface. Glossary. 1. Identification and use of garden implements. 2. Classification and identification of ornamental plants. 3. Factors affecting ornamental and landscape gardening. 4. Cultivation and management of annual flowers. 5. Cultivation and management of climbers. 6. Cultivation and management of shrubs. 7. Cultivation and management of bulbous plants. 8. Nutrition management in ornamental plants. 9. Weed management in ornamental crops. 10. Pruning and training of ornamental plants. 11. Lawn management. 12. Plant growth regulator and ornamental plants. 13. Pot and potting management for indoor plants. 14. Bonsai management. 15. Flower arrangement. 16. Bio-aesthetic planning for India. 17. Basics of landscape gardening. 18. Low-maintenance palms, cycads and grasses for landscape. 19. Reference guide for landscape plants. Selected readings. Index.

Ornamental horticulture is a branch of horticulture which deals with commercial growing of flowers ornamental plants and beautification of surroundings. This subject assumes great importance in improving total environment and checks visual pollution by way of beautification. The flowers have been eulogised by poets and artists for generations not merely for their ornamental properties but for their versatile curative properties.

The study of ornamental horticulture comprises of two parts i.e. the knowledge of growing of plants like annuals, shrubs, climber, trees, bulbous, succulents and cactus, shade loving plants, lawn etc. and their use in beautification programme. The information on above aspect is scattered in different book and a great difficulty was being felt by students, landscapers and scientist. In this context, a need of simple book on introduction, cultivation and management of ornamental plants is highly demanded by student of horticulture and florists of India.

This book describes in details collection identification, propagation, cultivation, nutritional and weed management, plant and flowers senescence management etc., of annuals, herbs, shrubs, climbers and ornamental trees. Since, beautification involves the principles of art and gardening styles. Therefore, bio aesthetic planning, basics of landscaping and flowers arrangement have also been discussed in details.

Special care has been taken to present the subject matter in a simple and lucid style. Book further includes recent available information. The illustrations have been drawn from own specimens with photographs. (jacket)

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