Advances in Aquatic Ecology : Vol. 6

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Advances in Aquatic Ecology : Vol. 6

Contents: Preface. 1. A preliminary study on biotic community and water quality of Umaim river in east Khasi hills, Meghalaya/Umesh Bharti, P.K. Bharti, D.S. Malik, Pawan Kumar and Vijender Singh. 2. Biodiversity of Yashwant Lake of Toranmat: seasonal variation in molluscs density and species richness/A.P. Ekhande, J.V. Patil and G.S. Padate. 3. Study on ichthyofauna of waterbodies around Ambajogai, Maharashtra/G.B. Sanap, R.B. Haregaokar and V.B. Sakhare. 4. Seasonal fluctuation of phytoplankton in Nagzari Tank near Ambajogai, Maharashtra/S.W. Bivgade, A.S. Taware, U.S. Salve and N.B. Pandure. 5. Total zooplankton abundance and biomass in three contrasting lentic ecosystems of Mysore, Karnataka State/Koorosh Jalilzadeh and Sadanand M. Yamakanamardi. 6. Water quality status of Kirung ri river at Nganglam, Pemagatshel Bhutan/Umesh Bharti, P.K. Bharti, D.S. Malik, Pawan Kumar and Gaurav. 7. Food and feeding habits of the Mudskipper Boleophthalmus boddarti Pallas from Vellar Estuary, Southeast coast of India/V. Ravi. 8. Limnochemistry of Bennithora Dam Near Gulbarga, Karnataka/B. Vasanthkumar and K. Vijaykumar. 9. A study on physico chemical parameters of perennial Tank Laxmiwadi Kolhapur District, Maharashtra/S.A. Manjare, S.A. Vhanalakar and D.V. Muley. 10. Monthly variations in physico-chemical parameters of river Tunga Shivamogga Karnataka/H.A. Sayeswara, K.L. Naik and Mahesh Anand Goudar. 11. Studies on Surface water quality evaluation of Gowdana Pond, Shivamogga, Karnataka/H.A. Sayeswara, Nafeesa Begum and Mahesh Anand Goudar. 12. Heavy ketals in water and sediment of ichchamati river in East Khasi Hills, Meghalaya/P.K. Bhatri, D.S. Malik, Pawan Kumar and Umesh Bharti. 13. Assessment of heavy metals in water and sediment of Hatmawdon river near Bangladesh border in District East Khasi Hills, Meghalaya/Umesh Bharti, P.K. Bharti, D.S. Malik, Pawan Kumar, Gaurav and Vijender Singh. 14. Benthic biodiversity in the marine zone of Vellar Estuary, Southeast Coast of India/P. Murugesan and S. Muthuvelu. 15. Mangrove biodiversity and its conservation at Ratnagiri/A.S. Kulkarni, M.V. Tendulkar, S.M. Nikam and A.S. Injal. 16. Status of fishes in mangroves of Kali Estuary Karwar, Central West coast of India/S.V. Roopa, J.L. Rathod and B. Vasanth Kumar. 17. Marine organisms as a source of drug: an overview/J.L. Rathod and P.V. Khajure. 18. Haematological responses of Anabas testudineus bloch exposed to Sublethal concenrations of plant extract of Calotropis gigantea L. /K. Sree Latha. 19. Adaptive changes in respiratory movements of air breathing fish Anabas testudineus bloch exposed to latex and plant extract of Calotropis gigantea L. R. Br. and recovery of toxicity with additive nutrients/K. Sree Latha. 20. Role of purna fish cooperative society to rejuvinate Yeldari reservoir fishery in Parbhani district of Maharashtra/S.D. Niture and S.P. Chavan. 21. Distribution of bacterial flora in Pearl spot Etroplus suratensis bloch during captivity/J.L. Rathod and U.G. Naik. 22. Effect of climatic changes on Prawn biodiversity at mochemical estuary of Vengurla South Konkan, Maharashtra/V.M. Patole, S.G. Yeragi and S.S. Yeragi. 23. Standardisation of natural colour in Surimi made shrimp analogs/Y.T. Patil, A.T. Tandale, S.S. Todkari, M.M. Girkar and S.B. Gore. 24. Standardisation of natural colour in Surimi made shrimp analogs/Y.T. Patil, A.T. Tandale, S.S. Todkari, M.M. Girkar and S.B. Gore. 25. Antimicrobial activity of acanthus ilicifolius extracted from the mangroves forest of Karwar coast/P.V. Khajure and J.L. Rathod. 26. Mangroves diversity in Kali Estuary, Karwar/Pradeep V. Khajure and J.L. Rathod. 27. Assessment of water quality of Byramangala lake in Bangalore city/H. Krishnaram, M. Ramachandra Mohan Shivabasavaiah and Rmanjnath. 28. Biological index of pollution in ponds and lakes of Mysore District, Karnataka/T.B. Mruthunjaya and S.P. Hosmani. 29. Rotifer biodiversity of Phutala Lake of Nagpur city, Maharashtra/S.R. Sitre and S.B. Zade. 30. Phytoplankton diversity in wet soil of wetlands from Tasgaon Tahsil, Maharashtra/S.A. Khabade, M.B. Mule and S.S. Sathe. 31. The bray curtis similarity index for assessment of euglenaceae in lakes of Mysore/T.B. Mruthunjaya. 32. Study of hydrophytes and amphibious plants occurred in Panchanganga river Maharashtra/V.G. Patil, S.A. Khabade and S.K. Khade. 33. An overview of Nile Tilapia Oreochromis niloticus and low cost feed formulation technique for its culture/B.R. Chavan and A. Yakupitiyage. 34. Impact of probiotic supplementation in freshwater fish cyprinus carpio/R. Thamarai Selva, V. Vignesh, S. Jothi Lakshmi and R. Thirumurugan. 35. Host parasite relationship with reference to histochemical changes in an acanthocephalan infected fish/B.Laxma Reddy and G. Benarjee. 36. Seasonal occurrence of genarchopsis goppo in freshwater teleost clarias batrachus/B. Laxma Reddy, P. Gowri and G. Benarjee. 37. Modified Chinese circular hatchery of Marathwada, India/S.D. Niture and S.P. Chavan. 38. Variations in growth of perionyx excavatus fed ad libitum on different feed during different seasons from hatchlings to post reproductive stages/Manjunathr, Krishna Ram H. and Shivabasavaiah. Index.

Advances in Aquatic Ecology Volume 6 provides 38 articles on recent researchers on Mangrove biodiversity, Fish biology, water pollution, Planktonology, pollution studies etc.

With its application oriented and interdisciplinary approach the book would be immensely useful to students teachers researchers scientists, policy makers, environmental lawyers and others interested in aquatic ecology.

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