Clinical Allergy

V.K.Jain and Anil Arora , Madhu Publications, 2012, ISBN : 8186644148, $28.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Clinical Allergy Contents: 1. Immune response in health and disease with special reference to respiratory allergy. 2. Aeroallergens in clinical practice of respiratory allergy. 3. Aeroallergen producing plants. 4.Food allergy. 5. Etiologic significance of environmental insects as inhalant allergens in India. 6. Dermal allergy. 7.  Adverse drug reactions the birds' eye view. 8.  Allergic broncho pulmonary aspergillosis (abpa). 9.  Clinical diagnosis of respiratory allergy. 10. Dermal tests in diagnosis of respiratory allergy. 11.  IMmunodiagnosis of type I allergic respiratory disorder. 12. In vitro diagnosis of allergic disorders of allergic disorder. 13. In vitro testing with immuno CAP. 14. In vitro pharmacia. 15. Allergen immunotherapty. 16. Clinical application and methodology of allergen immunotherapy. 17. Recent developments in allergen specific immunotherapy and SLIT. 18. Allergy and asthma-are they preventable. 19.  Preventive devices in management of united airway allergy disorders. 20.  Health and quality of life ion allergy patients especially in AR and asthma. 21. What physician needs to know about allergic-asthma disease and immunotherapy.
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