Gazetteer of the Simla Hill States 1910 : Punjab State Gazetteer: Vol. VIII

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Gazetteer of the Simla Hill States 1910 : Punjab State Gazetteer: Vol. VIII

Contents: Introduction. 1. Bilaspur. 2. Bashahr: tributaries: (a) Kbaneti. (b) Delath. 3. Nalagarh. 4. Keonthal. 5. Keonthal zaildars: (a) Koti. (b) Theog. (c) Madhan. (d) Ghund. (e) Ratesh. 6. Baghal. 7. Bhagat. 8. Jubbal: tributaries: (a) Rawin. (b) Dhadi. 9. Kumharsain. 10. Bhajji. 11. Mahlog. 12. Balsan. 13. Dhami. 14. Kuthar. 15. Kunahair. 16. Mangal. 17. Beja. 18. Darkoti. 19. Tarhoch. 20. Sangri.

The Simla Hill States, twenty-eight in number, occupy an area of about 4,800 square miles. On the south they are bounded by the Pinjor Tahsil of the Patiala state, Sirmur state (till 1890 included politically among the Simla Hill States), and the Ambala district; on the west by the Hoshiarpur and Kangra districts; on the north by Mandi and Suket states and Kulu; and on the east the main Himalayan range divides Bashahr from Tibet and Garhwal. About three-fourths of the total area of the hill states are occupied by Bashahr, which lies on either bank of the Sutlej. All the other states lie to the south (left bank) of that river.

A detailed account of all the twenty-eight hill states of Simla has been provided in this book which will prove to be a valuable source to the historians and researchers alike. (jacket)

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