Gandhi in Current Perspective

Ravindra Kumar, Gyan, 2013, 201 p, ISBN : 9788121211796, $33.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Gandhi in Current Perspective

Contents: Foreword. Introduction. 1. Gandhian non-violence in current perspectives. 2. Global peace movement and relevance of Gandhian view. 3. A civil society of Gandhi's imagination. 4. Gandhian view of civilization. 5. Education and peace: with reference to Gandhian viewpoint. 6. Gandhian concept of woman education: an analysis. 7. The Gandhian way: a universal method of resolving conflicts. 8. Ideal religiousness of Gandhi: an analysis. Appendices. Glossary of India terms. Index.

Mahatma Gandhi has accepted the eternality of the law of change. He was always for accepting it in his ideas and actions, both. Further he supported for the refinement in ideas and stressed on adopting them in prevailing circumstances of space. Only this single distinctiveness is sufficient to prove the significance of Gandhi's ideas in current perspective, and it will be so in the times to come. Having this uniqueness as the nuclei, the present volume entitled Gandhi in Current Perspective has in fact been prepared from the selected articles by Dr. Ravindra Kumar of which Gandhian non-violence in current perspectives is of special mention. (jacket)

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