Tantrik Literature and Culture Hermeneutics and Expositions

edited by Andrea Loseries, Buddhist World Press, 2013, 196 p, 26 col. plates, , ISBN : 9789380852201, $85.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Tantrik Literature and Culture Hermeneutics and Expositions

Contents: Introduction. 1. Beginning of tantrik studies: the works of csoma de Koros/Geza Bethlenfalvy. 2. Tantra as persistent counter culture: an indic play ethic and its global outreah/Prem Saran. 3. Philosophy and hermeneutics of Buddhist tantra/Chandra N. Naik. 4. Kundalini Yoga and the concept of Devi in Sankaracarya's Saundaryalahari/Minati Kar. 5. Review/Andrea Loseries. 6. Bodhipathapradipa and its importance in Tibetan Buddhism/Prajnalankar Bhikkhu. 7. The alchemy of vision in Tibetan tantrik practice/Andrea Loseries....

Rabindranath Tagore, the founder of Visva-Bharati, favored learning on Buddhism through languages like Sanskrit, Pali, Chinese and Tibetan. In Santiniketan the invitation of Sylvain Levi in 1921 is termed as the starting of Buddhist studies at Visva Bharati. Rabindranath Tagore himself was a student in the classes of Professor Levi in the early twenties of the past century along with M.V. Shastri and P.C. Bagchi.

The centre for Buddhist studies, Visva-Bharati, was launched in 2007 under the Scheme of social Epoch making thinkers of the University Grants commission. The activities of the centre CBS are class lectures in form of certified training programs on Buddhism as well as specialized classes on Buddhist cultures and languages of Mongolia 2010-11, Bhotia Ladakh 2011-12 Sikkimese 2012-13, Dzongkha 2013-14, as well as Pali and Buddhist Sanskrit special lectures series Buddhist art and architecture 2011-12, International seminars with special focus on research on Prajnaparamita and medieval Tantrik literature in the Indo-Tibetan interface film shows and exhibitions. (jacket)   

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