Facets of Library and Information Science

A.A.N. Raju, Ess Ess Publications, 2012, x, 250 p, tables,, ISBN : 9788170006749, $45.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Facets of Library and Information Science

Contents: Facet 1. Public libraries. Facet 2. Library classification. Facet 3. LIS curriculum. Facet 4. LIS research. Facet 5. Legal deposit. Facet 6. Other aspects. Index.

The present volume Facets of Library and Information Science is a collection of essays written by the author during his professional career spanning three and half decades at the Department of Library and Information Science, Osmania University, Hyderabad. The twenty two essays included in this volume cover some of the important facets of LIS such as: Public Libraries, Library Classification, LIS Curriculum, LIS Research, Legal Deposit and other aspects such as Bibliographic Organization and Control, Our Documentary Heritage, festschrift volumes in LIS, good Horary support services to distance learners and teaching of reference service to BLIS students in Indian Library Schools.

These essays mirror the trends and developments of that period in those subject fields listed under six broad facts. It is hoped that the collection of essays in to this volume shall be of immense help to the students, research scholars and faculty members of LIS departments and practicing librarian managing various types of libraries and information centers. (jacket)  


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