An Infantry Battalion in Combat : A Critical Appraisal of Battle Situations Encountered by an Infantry Battalion

Sube Singh Ahlawat, Lancer, 2013, 372 p, ISBN : 9781935501367, $45.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

An Infantry Battalion in Combat : A Critical Appraisal of Battle Situations Encountered by an Infantry Battalion

Contents: Preface. 1. Preamble. 2. First Things first. 3. Irony after irony. 4. Jammu and Kashmir, British and Pakistan. 5. Punch and its specific importance. 6. 1947-48 war and afterwards. 7. Testing of mettle and might at Rann of Kutchh. 8. Infiltration by Guerrillas. 9. Defence at Sauji. 10. Capture of Mandi. 11. Battle of Gali. 12. Engagement at Molsar ridge. 13. Raid at Kabar Ki Dheri. 14. Operation Phanne Shah. 15. Battle of OP Hill. 16. Phenomenon of Gibraltar and its crumbling. 17. Young commanders and leaders. 18. Junior leadership. 19. Honours and awards. 20. Last few yards. 21. What makes a man fight. 22. Lessons learnt. 23. Dealing with Pakistan. 24. The last word. Bibliography. Index.

With the backdrop of development of 1947-48, when it occupied some areas of Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan tried its luck again in 1965 by sending across an amalgam of regular troops but this time without the looters, plunderers and rapist tribesmen. They were trained men of all hues of various armed organizations, with army personnel as their leaders. Pakistan daydreamt that the Muslim population the state, particularly in Kashmir Valley and Punch area would rise in revolt against the Indian Government and support the infiltrators and intruders. Pakistan failed to understand the social vibes the state, which were so clear in 1965. The Muslim majority population in the Kashmir Valley and Punch area gave a cold shoulder to Pakistan. Her calculations in the State went awry and most of the intruders during 1965 Indo-Pak War were either captured or killed and only a lucky few could retrace their steps to Pakistan occupied Kashmir. In conducting operations against the unconventional enemy, a, lot of readjustments of forces by own army was adopted. At times, certain momentary vacations, reverses and losses had to be accepted for achieving of the major goal of defeating the designs of Pakistan and its army. (jacket)

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