Impact of Global Climate Change on Earth Ecosystems

edited by D.R. Khanna, A.K. Chopra, Gagan Matta, Vikas Singh and Rakesh Bhutiani, Biotech Books, 2013, ix, 274 p, tables, figs,, ISBN : 9788176222730, $65.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Impact of Global Climate Change on Earth Ecosystems

Contents: Preface. 1. Stakeholders network governance and regional sustainable development/Gislaine Garbelini and Patricia Almeida Ashley. 2. Climate change impact on Indian agriculture/Shashikant Rokade, Ashish Lambat and Raghoba Nagpure. 3. Conservation of aconitum heterophyllum: the critically endangered species of Indian Himalayas status and future needs/Priyanka Siwach and Priyanka Solanki. 4. Review of environmental law for e-waste in India/Anita S. Jadhav and Sheela Warbuuwan. 5. Present status of macro benthos biodiversity in Vashi creek/Usha Anil Kumar and Anita S. Jadhav. 6. Histopathological effect of testosterone propionate on male and hydroxyl progesterone caproate on female rain quail, coturnix coromandelica/Pravin Charde, Jyoti Ramteke and Suresh Zade. 7. Conservation of medicinal plant Rauwolfia tetraphylla linn/S.G. Desai. 8. Diversity and nesting habit of wasps Akola city/Mangala B. Karlekar. 9. Evaluation of underground drinking water contamination by water quality index at Moradabad/Ashutosh Dixit, Navneet Kumar and Nidhi Verma. 10. Study of diversity of phytoplanktons and zooplantktons of Darna Dam in Nashik District Maharashtra India/V.R. Kakulte, D.F. Nikumbh and B.J. Aher....

Climate change is the greatest ecological, economic and social challenge of our time. Researches over many years  show links between human activities and warming of the atmosphere and oceans. This warming has caused changes to the climate system, such as changes in rain and wind patterns, reductions in the size of Himalayan Glaciers and demolished many ecosystems. Impact of climate change on earth ecosystems refers to effects of various climatic conditions on major ecosystems of earth while emitting greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, increasing temperature etc. This book reflects understanding of researchers, representing the current situation national and international level on various impacts of climate change on earth ecosystems. (jacket)  


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