Introducing Faith Healing : A Study of Folk Therapeutics

Tushar Kanti Niyogi, ASI, 2012, 118 p, ISBN : 9788192297477, $45.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Introducing Faith Healing : A Study of Folk Therapeutics

Contents: 1. Recapitulations: anthropological perspective. 2. Faith healing through ages. 3. Folk therapeutics. 4. Water remedy. 5. Aspect of spirit possession. 6. Divination. 7. Exorcism. 8. The quick remedy totka of village healers. 9. Deities who cure. 10. Surgery. 11. Faith healing: conclusion. Bibliography.

Introducing faith healing: a study in folk therapeutics is the outcome of a field investigation undertaken in the villages of deltaic districts of West Bengal. The author has tried to understand the inner construct of folkmind that has its own logic to observe the world of flora keenly in search of healing curative, to adhere to isomorphism, to evaluate the role of spirit deities who both cure and inflict curse and to appreciate the expertise of faith healers whose services to the community is an asset. The book is a critical estimate of folk-behaviour that utilises resourceful herbal wealth as curative and cheersup the role of faith healder who determines the course of action of the community members in their hopeful tragedy of existence. (jacket)  

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