Amazing Ladakh : Travel Trekking Religion Culture Wildlife

Parvez Dewan, Manas Publications, 2012, 440 p, 2 maps,, ISBN : 9788170494287, $55.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Amazing Ladakh : Travel Trekking Religion Culture Wildlife

Contents: Preface. I. Travel: the land and the Lakes: 1. Ladakh: frequently asked questions. 2. The Manali-Leh road. 3. Leh and Kargil: motorable routes. 4. Leh district. 5. Nubra Valley. 6. The Siachen glacier. 7. The national highway: Leh to Kargil and Srinagar. 8. The Kargil district. 9. Zanskar. II. Trekking and adventure tourism: 10. Mountain climbing: Leh and Kargil. 11. Trekking in Ladakh. 12. The rivers of Ladakh and river rafting. III. Religion: 13. The Buddhist shrines. 14. Buddhist monasteries and their icons. 15. A Calendar of Buddhist festivals. 16. The Buddhist festivals of Leh and Zanskar. 17. Christianity in Ladakh. 18. Hindu and Sikh shrines in Ladakh. 19. Islam in Kargil. 20. Islam in Leh and Zanskar. IV. Culture: 21. The sports pastimes and festivals. 22. Rock engravings and carvings. 23. The language and literature of Ladakh. 24. The handicrafts of Ladakh. V. People: 25. Ladakh: rapid rise in population. 26. Da-Hanu: the purest Aryans. VI. Birds animals and flowers: 27. Places where wildlife might be found. 28. The land and some other animals of Ladakh. 29. The birds avifauna of Ladakh. 30. The flora of Ladakh Gilgit Baltistan. VII. Life in Ladakh: 31. The annual cycle of life, the privations of winter. Appendix. Index.

Parvez Dewan can send you to sleep about Ladakh. If anyone has the ultimate dossier on this land it is he after years of running about India's northernmost region, administering and adventuring his way around its desert plains, passes and lakes. Along the way he discovered that Kargil Kartse Khar and Leh near Khaltse had large Buddhas carved into the mountainside noticed that the world's purest Aryans the Drokpas, weren't amused by suggestions that there was mass kissing at their festival and taught himself polo on the endless Kargyak plains the highest inhabited place in the world. (jacket)   

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