Achieving Global Sustainability: Policy Recommendations

edited by Takamitsu Sawa, Susumu Iai and Seiji Ikkatai, Synergy Books India, 2012, xx, 343 p, tables, figs, , ISBN : 9789382059035, $60.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Achieving Global Sustainability: Policy Recommendations

Contents: Preface. 1. Introduction/Takamitsu Sawa. 2. Global sustainability. 3. Paradigm shift of socio-economic development. 4. Strategies for sustainable society. 5. Adaptation to environmental change. 6. Policy recommendations towards global sustainability. Index.

The problem of global sustainability is indisputably the most serious issue facing humanity today. One of the biggest factors in the deterioration of global sustainability is climate change, which has been exacerbated by the entire range of human activities and is inextricably related to modern civilization. Solving this difficult problem requires a drastic redesign of society from all aspects technological economic and social. This book looks at how to achieve a more secure level of global sustainability and gathers together a variety of recommendations.

Achieving Global Sustainability reviews the current status of global sustainability and analysis the relationship between globalization and sustainability, together with arguments on the necessity of a paradigms shift in economic growth. Paradigm shifts in socioeconomic development are discussed in terms of social common capital contemporary social discipline and economic valuation of the environment. The contributors also examine various strategies for achieving a sustainable society, among them a basic strategy for mitigating climate change a strategy for mitigating climate change a strategy of technology development toward global sustainability and a post 2012 international policy framework. The book presents methods of adaptation for environmental change, including integrated assessment models of climate change and a risk assessment approach to seismic hazard mitigation. Policy recommendations for global sustainability are also introduced including those advocating a low carbon society by 2050 a Green New Deal as a means of integrating policies climate security and a new international disciplines. (jacket)   

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