Free Trade and Markets in Healthcare: Lessons from Asian Countries

edited by Philip Stevens and Debashis Chakraborty, Synergy Books India, 2013, xxviii, 180 p, ISBN : 9789382059158, $40.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

 Free Trade and Markets in Healthcare: Lessons from Asian Countries Contents: Introduction. I. Trade and health: 1. The globalization of health: open trade and the diffusion of health technology, knowledge and wealth/Philip Stevens. 2. The health of nations: conceptualizing approaches to trade in health care/Fredrik Erixon. 3. Do international trade regimes restrict access to technologies in developing countries? the case of medicines/Philip Stevens. 4. Combating trade in counterfeit drugs in lower and middle-income countries/Julian Morris, Julian Harris and Philip Stevens. 5. Who benefits from India's attempts to control drug prices through compulsion?/Amir Ullah Khan. II. The role of the private sector in health Asian experiences: 6. The role of the private sector in achieving Universal health coverage in Asia and beyond/Philip Stevens. 7. Health vouchers: expanding access to healthcare services in Pakistan/Mehreen Zahid Malik and Ali Salman. 8. Universal health care and private provision in the Philippines/Bienvenido Nonoy Oplas Jr. 9. On the development of the private hospitals in China/Feng Xingyuan, Jing Chaoliang, Yu Hui and Philip Stevens. 10. Helping the private sector to help the poor: lessons from India/Debashis Chakraborty. This book of easy aims to challenges such thinking. Its contributors a range of scholars and NGO leaders from Asian countries and elsewhere examine the evidence on a number of issues related to trade, markets and health, and question a number of dearly held axions of the public health world.
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