A Study in Medical Sociology

Deep Mala Srivastva, Radha, 1996, vi, 192 p, tables, ISBN : 8174870385, $20.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Contents: Preface. 1. The research problem. 2. The Indian context. 3. Research design. 4. Status attainment. 5. Profession and professional ethics. 6. Role and role-performance. 7. Summary : results and conclusions. Bibliography. Index.

"This book analyse the rise and growth of nursing profession with special reference to Indian social context. This area of study is closely linked with social and behavioural sciences since nursing in its modern concept has to serve both patient and people. Now it has become inseparable part of health care in our country and abroad.

The process of increasing specialization has given this occupation the character of a profession. Affecting the traditional occupational structure, the emergence of professions and white collar occupations indicate a clear trend towards vertical social mobility. This process can be seen in India as well and in this particular context the design of this book has been conceived. This book is useful for both--students and teachers." (jacket)

[Deep Mala Srivastva is lecturer in the Department of Sociology, Institute of Social Sciences, Agra University, Agra.]

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