A Textbook on Zoonotic Diseases

Suman Kumari Joshi, Manish Kr. Singh and Srinivas Sathapathy, Satish Serial Publishing House, 2015, xi, 182 p, ISBN : 9789384053000, $80.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

A Textbook on Zoonotic Diseases

Contents: Preface. 1. Introduction to zoonoses/S.K. Joshi and M.K. Singh. 2. Viral zoonoses/S. Sathapathy and M.K. Singh. 3. Bacterial zoonoses/S.K. Joshi, S. Sathapathy and M.K. Mishra. 4. Rickettsioses/S.K. Joshi and P.K. Singh. 5. Ehrlichioses/S. Sathapathy and M.K. Singh. 6. Chlamydial infections/M.K. Singh and S.K. Joshi.  7. Parasitic zoonoses/M.K. Singh and Sandeep Kumar. 8. Fungal zoonoses/S.K. Joshi and B.K. Chaudhari. 9. Food borne zoonoses/M.K. Singh and Tanweer Alam. 10. Prion diseases/S. Sathapathy and M.K. Singh. 11. Prevention of spread of wildlife diseases and implications for healthcare/P. Sathapathy.

A Text Book on Zoonotic Diseases , First edition offers a detailed concept on the major zoonotic diseases that occur frequently in the society. This first edition includes access to discussions based on both domestic animals and man. Well illustrated throughout the book provides in-depth information on the etiology, clinical signs, diagnosis, treatment, prevention and control guidelines of various zoonotic diseases that will provide good idea to the readers about the zoonotic world.


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