A Pali Reader and Pali Glossary (2 Volumes-set)

Dines Andersen, AES, 1996, Reprint, 421 p, 2 volumes, ISBN : 8120611977, $55.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

A Pali Reader and Pali Glossary/Dines Andersen

Contents: Preface. 1. Sumsumara--Jataka. 2. Vanarinda--Jataka. 3. Baka--Jataka. 4. Nigrodhamiga--Jataka. 5. Sihacamma--Jataka. 6. Radha--Jataka. 7. Nacca--Jataka. 8. Uluka--Jataka. 9. Kurungamiga--Jataka. 10. Javasakuna--Jataka. 11. Sasa--Jataka. 12. Matakabhatta--Jataka. 13. Baveru--Jataka. 14. Sussondi--Jataka. 15. Valahassa--Jataka. 16. Catudvara--Jataka. 17. Supparaka--Jataka. 18. Silanisamsa--Jataka. 19. Cammasataka--Jataka. 20. Ucchanga--Jataka. 21. Vedabbha--Jataka. 22. Dadhivahana--Jataka. 23. Mahasilava--Jataka. 24. Rajovada--Jataka. 25. Makhadeva--Jataka. 26. Susima--Jataka. 27. Andabhuta--Jataka. 28. Kharaputta--Jataka. 29. Mahosadha's marriage. 30. Mahosadha's judgement. 31. Sakka and the Asuras. 32. The dream of the Queen Maya. 33. The birth of Gotama Buddha. 34. Cattari--Pubbanimittani. 35. The great retirement. 36. Paticcasamuppado. 37. Dhammacakka--Pavattana-Sutta. 38. Yasapabbajja. 39. The fire--sermon. 40. Mara as plowman. 41. The murder of--Sundari. 42. Devadatta's--malice against Buddha. 43. Buddha's visit to Cunda. 44. Buddha's death. 45. The ten precepts. 46. The 32 parts of the body. 47. The novice's questions. 48. The duties of a pupil. 49. A tale of a peta. 50. The legend of the weaver's daughter. 51. The questions of Uttiya. 52. Buddha's instruction to Malunkyaputta. 53. Buddha's discourse with Vacchagotta. 54. The right views. 55. There is no ego. 56. No continous personal identity. 57. Rebirth is not transmigration. 58. The disappearance of learning. 59. Padhana--Sutta. 60. Dhaniya--Sutta. 61. Selections from the Dhammapada. 62. The Gatha's of Malunkaputta. 63. The Gatha's of Mahajapati Gotami. 64. Kapiraja--Cariya. 65. The council of Mahakassapa. 66. The conquest of Ceylon. 67. Buddhaghosa.

From the preface: "The following selections from Pali literature were intended to serve as reading exercises at my own university-lectures, but I hope they may also be useful to other teachers of Indian philology, who wish to supply the Sanskrit lessons with an elementary course in Buddhist literature. Many of the selected specimens are well known, having been translated and discussed very often in western literature, still I think they will be welcome to beginners in the original language. I have considered the Jataka, from which the first 60 pages are taken, to be the fittest matter for the first reading, and I think these 60 pages will be sufficient for the first semester's exercises. The rest of the book, containing specimens chiefly illustrating the history of Buddha and Buddhist religion and literature, can probably be read in a second semester, and a third semester might then be devoted to reading the Dhammapada, of which the second edition is now easily accessible. To that purpose the following glossary will be arranged so that it includes, not only all the words of the selected texts but also the words of the Dhammapada not occurring in the reader."

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