10 Pillars of Library and Information Science : Pillar 6: Classification, Cataloguing and Indexing

Narendra Dodiya, Ess Ess Publications, 2015, x, 204 p, ISBN : 9788170007647, $35.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

10 Pillars of Library and Information Science : Pillar 6: Classification, Cataloguing and Indexing

Contents: 1. Organisation of knowledge/information. 2. Modes of formation of subjects. 3. Library classification. 4. Library cataloguing. 5. Bibliogrpahic records. 6. Indexing methods. 7. Vocabulary control. 8. Databases.

Library Science, conventionally described as an art and consisting of implementation of scientific techniques for the management of library, while information Science is the discipline that investigates the properties and behaviour of information, the forces governing the flow of information and the means of processing information for optimum accessibility and usability. Information Science is concerned with that body of knowledge relating to the origination, collection, organization, storage, retrieval, interpretation, transmission, transformation, and utilization of information. As per the need of society and with the advancement of technology, library science has expanded itself and an integrated version which consists of Information Science, Information Technology, Management Science, Computer Science and Research Methodology is the result of this expansion/integration. The gap between library and automation/digitalization is bridged by the implementation of aforesaid which has become necessary for the delivery of knowledge.

These books are designed in accordance with the needs of knowledge seekers of library and information science, especially those preparing for competitive examinations. These books, presented in the 10 pillars form cover all areas of library and information science, while keeping in view, the syllabi of various competitive examinations. The contents of these books (10 Pillars) cover the entire gamut of subjects of library and information science.

These books contain solved question papers of almost all national and state level examinations held around the country in preceding years. This book is written and designed to help library and information science students to prepare for competitive examinations. Each Pillar is focused on one unit and consists of numerous questions as per the pattern of competitive exams, the incorporated answers key has been verified by various experts of library science. (jacket)


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