2014: Nationalism and National Security in India

G D Bakshi, KW Publishers, 2015, Pbk, Lii, 264 p, ISBN : 9789383649679, $41.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

2014: Nationalism and National Security in India

Contents: Part I: Narratives of the Past. 1. Entropy: the legacy of large states. 2. The Nation State and Nationalism in India. 3. Demographics of destiny. 4. False national narratives: rewriting the history of Indian Independence. 5. The perils of pacifism. 6. The rise of realism: India’s iron lady. 7. Non-alignment 2.0: An analysis of a proposed national security strategy. 8. Energy, water and food security architecture in India. 9. Year 2014: South Asia’s year of destiny?. Part II: A Net Assessment of the Future. 10. A net assessment of future security environments: 2020. 11. Environmental scan: international security scenario 2020. 12. Regional security scenario 2020. 13. Internal security scenario 2020. 14. Alternative futures: India. 15. The way ahead: recommendations for the future. 16. A National security agenda for the new dispensation. Bibliography.

2014 was a critical year that saw the revival of Nationalism in India. This book examines Indian Nationalism and takes a close look at India’s National Security. It revisits the somber truth about our freedom struggle. This book uses the technique of Pattern Modelling to study India’s recent history and make forecasts about its collective future. Patterns tend to persist and repeat themselves cyclically. Hence, they become the basis for Heuristic forecasts about the future. This book, therefore, is in two parts. Part one takes an analytical look at our last 70-80 years to identify the patterns. Book two then uses this pattern analysis to make forecasts about our near term future in terms of a Net Assessment that uses the tools of Trends, Drivers and Discontinuities to create a set of Alternative Futures.

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