A Practical Approach to Classified Catalogue Code

D.D. Chaturvedi and S.N. Rohatgi, Anmol, 1996, 5th revised edition, 207 p, ISBN : 8174881824, $18.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Contents: Preface. I. Introduction. II. Canons and principles of cataloguing. III. Types of entries and their sections. IV. Rendering of personal names: 1. Single personal author. 2. Rendering of joint personal authors. 3. Three or more personal authors. 4. Personal author(s) with collaborators. 5. Series note and editor of series entry. 6. Joint surname. V. Pseudonymous author(s). VI. Anonymous works. VII. Multi-volumed books. VIII. Composite books: 1. Ordinary composite books. 2. Artificial composite books. IX. Corporate authorship: 1. Government as author. 2. Institution as author. 3. Conference as author. X. Periodical publications. Bibliography.

"The present book A practical approach to classified catalogue code 5th rev. edition with amendments is entirely based on the laws, cannons and principles propounded by Dr. S.R. Ranganathan. It has been written keeping in view the practical needs of the teachers, students and the cataloguers. The laws, cannons, and principles have been interpreted and real problems of practical cataloguing have been solved supported by examples."

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