A Companion to Indian Philosophy

S.C. Banerji, B.R., 1996, v, 496 p, ISBN : 8170187435, $0.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Contents: Preface. 1. Introduction. 2. Six great orthodox philosophical systems. 3. Other systems of theistic philosophy. 4. Heterodox philosophical systems. 5. Authors of select philosophical works. 6. Select works on philosophy. 7. Prominent philosophical doctrines. 8. Important maxims used in Indian philosophical literature. 9. Epilogue. Glossary of technical terms and difficult words. Select bibliography. Addendum. Index.

"The book begins with a rapid survey of the Sanskrit literature right from the vedic period. This is followed by such topics as are relevant for the study of Indian Philosophy. Prominent authors and their works in this domain have been briefly dealt with, in the book, accompanied by up-to-date bibliographical references. Prominent doctrines and tenets of the different schools of philosophy have also been briefly explained. A chapter has been devoted to the maxims, used by later writers and commentators, to explain philosophical matters. These maxims are interesting as they are based on experiences and observations relating mainly, to folk life. Finally, a glossary of technical terms and jargon has been added in the book." (jacket)

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