A Manual of Practical Entomology : A Field Laboratory Guide

M.M. Trigunayat, Scientific Pub, 2016, pbk , 3rd edition, 358 p, ISBN : 9788172339838, $30.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

A Manual of Practical Entomology : A Field Laboratory Guide

Contents: 1. Insect Collection and Preservation.  2. Classification of Insects. 3. Survey of Representative Insect Orders. 4. Identification of Insects with the help of Taxonomic Keys. 5. Brief Natural History of some Common Insects. 6. Applied Entomology. 7. Exercises Based on Insect Physiology, Ecology, Toxicology and Behaviour. 8. Insect Anatomy. 9. Histological Slides. 10. Microtomy. 11. Field Report. References and Suggested Readings.

A Manual of Practical Entomology (Field and Laboratory guide) is written to provide text material on different aspects of the practical syllabi of M.Sc. Entomology. All chapters are illustrative and well explained. Easy text will help students understanding the exercises. Dissections of the individual insect have been described so as to understand and follow the finest details of the anatomy of the insect concerned. Physiological and Behavioural Exercises are well presented usually in the style followed by the students. Individual Orders have been dealt with relevant necessary text and vital aspects of biology of the insect concerned. Chapters on Natural History and Rearing will inculcate interest among the students for their quest on these tiny creatures. Profusely illustrated with simple figures presentation and style gives the reader an insight to make it unique. Primarily intended for use by the post-graduate and graduate students of Entomology of the Universities in Rajasthan and elsewhere in India, it can also be used by agriculture departments, naturalists and workers in other related fields. (jacket)


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