A Forest Flora for Kumaon

A.E. Osmaston, BSMPS, 1994, Reprint, First published in 1927, xxxiv, 605 p, $120.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Contents: Introduction. 1. General description of the climate geology and forest vegetation. 2. Synopsis of the families. 3. Descriptions of the species. Abbreviations. Glossary of botanic terrus. Bibliography. Index of English names. Index of vernacular names. Index of botanical names.

From the introduction: "The title of this flora gives the area dealt with as Kumaon, by which is meant the Kumaon Civil Division. Actually the area does not include a narrow strip of plains country lying to the south of the submontane reserved forests, though included within the Kumaon Civil Division, since the boundaries of the reserved forests have been accepted as being a more convenient limit for our purpose; the flora being primarily intended for forest officers. This can be seen on the map.

"I have included as far as possible such trees, shrubs and woody climbers as are indigenous, besides a few which are not indigenous but which are more or less completely naturalised. No herbs have been described, through doubtless opinion will differ as to whether I have drawn a correct line in every case between shrubs and herbs. As a rule those plants possessing an insignificant perennial and woody portion to the stem but with tall and robust herbaceous protions have been included, as for instance Strobilanthes atropurpureus, Nees.; whilst others with weak and inconspicuous stems have been excluded, even though the root-stock is perennial and more or less woody such as Crotalaria alata, Ham, and Argyrolobium flaccidum, Jaub. and Spach.

The total number of species described is 816 distributed over 94 families, and if species which are sometimes herbaceous are excluded, there still remain 290 trees, 321 shrubs and 112 climbers."

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