A Colour Book: Laparoscopic Techniques in Small Animal Surgery

Swapan Kumar Maiti and Naveen Kumar, New India Publishing Agency, 2016, xv, 144 p, ISBN : 9789385516566, $80.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

A Colour Book: Laparoscopic Techniques in Small Animal Surgery

Contents: 1. Introduction. 2. History. 3. Instrumentation 4. Anesthesia. 5. Laparoscopic procedures. 6. Techniques for laparoscopic examination. 7. Laparoscopic guided organ biopsy and minor surgery. 8. Laparoscopic ancillary diagnostic procedures. 9. Laparoscopic sterilization in bitches. 10. Laparoscopic sterilization in male dogs .11. Laparoscopy in zoo animals practice. 12. Laparoscopy in animal physiology.

This book covers most of the topics with updated information of modern diagnostic laparoscopy, laparoscopic surgery, laparoscopic guided organ biopsy and laparoscopic ancillary diagnostic techniques employed in small animal in a very concise from. The book is divided into twelve chapters covering all modern diagnostic and laparoscopic surgical techniques used in small animal practices. The main objective of the book is to provide the latest information to meet the requirements of not only undergraduate and postgraduate students but also to the teachers and veterinarians involved in laparoscopic diagnosis and surgery. The book contains more than 100 good quality colour photographs of laparoscopic diagnosis, laparoscopic surgery and laparoscopic ancillary techniques.

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