Current Developments in Library and Information Science : Papers presented in honour of Prof. P.N. Kaula on his 71st Birthday

Edited by P.P. Rawat, O.P. Gupta and V. Venkatappaiah, Reliance, 1998, xliv, 787 p, plates, figs, ISBN : 8175100672, $59.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Contents: Introduction. I. Libraries and collection development: 1. Problems of collection development among academic libraries in India/B.S. Mahesharappa. 2. Revamping secondary school libraries/A.K. Dutta. 3. Issues before universities for quality education and information programme in the competitive environment of 1990's/S.S. Pal. 4. Government's book acquisition policy : its impact on collection development in the public library system in Andhra Pradesh/A.A.N. Raju. 5. Book acquisition - the role of librarians and book trade/Suresh Chandra Sharma. II. National libraries: 1. National libraries in Africa : roles and challenges/Anaba Alenma. III. Public libraries: 1. Public libraries and adult education/S.D. Vyas. 2. Role of public libraries in eradicating adult illiteracy/H.R. Chopra and Preeti Goel. 3. Public libraries of Bihar/B.N. Mishra. 4. Bangladesh public library survey: Parker report/Afifa Rahman. 5. Public library services in Andaman and 'Nicobar Island : suggestions for effective service and future development/Mohamed Ismail. IV. Special libraries: 1. Collection development in health science libraries : a bird's eye view/B.K. Choudhury. 2. Growth and development of National Museum Library as a model of Museum Libraries in India/S.K. Senapati. 3. On line revolution and management of reference section of a special library/Inder Vir Malhan. 4. Information management in archives and libraries in India/A.R. Singh. V. Library movement: 1. Professor P.N. Kaula speaks to Chandigarh librarians (1996-1988)/G.L. Trehan. 2. Public library movement in Orissa and Dr. B.B. Shukla/G.N. Das and D. Patra. 3. Prof. Kaula and Andhra Pradesh/A. Raghavaiah. VI. Dr. S.R. Ranganathan: 1. S.R. Ranganathan : a world librarian/R.N. Sharma. VII. Bibliometric studies and research: 1. Libramatic study bachelor of library and information science : results of 1964 to 1987 of Gujarat University/K.H. Shukla and D.N. Shukla. 2. World literature on library buildings : a bibliometric analysis/G. Lalithamba and T.B. Ananda. 3. Forecasting methods and techniques in library and information science research/M.S. Subramanian. 4. Problems in library and information science research/B.S. Swaroop Rani. VIII. Library education: 1. Comparative study of methods of evaluating library education students in UK and USA/Jashi Patel. 2. The colonial factor in library education in English - speaking West Africa/A.A. Alemana. 3. Contribution of Prof. Kaula in library and information education in Bihar/B.N. Mishra. 4. Teaching library & information science in Bihar/Michael David. 5. Need for changing curriculum in library and information science education/G. Satya Rao. 6. Problems and prospects of library education in Bangladesh/Nasiruddin Ahmad. IX. User education: 1. The fresher and the library/P. Srinivasa Rao. 2. User education : a conceptual approach/S. Fazle Rab. X. Library legislation: 1. Draft Punjab Public Libraries Bill : a plea/Janak Raj. 2. Library legislation in India/Velanga Venkatappaiah. XI. State information network: 1. Online government information network in the J & K state/I.V. Malhan and Gurdev Singh. XII. Resource sharing: 1. Areas of library resource sharing among Indian Institutes of Management/Roshana Raina. 2. Library system and resources sharing in public libraries in Andhra Pradesh/L. Venkateshwara Rao. XIII. Library management: 1. Managing change in libraries and information centres/D. Rajya Lakshmi. XIV. Information retrieval: 1. Information retrieval : a modelling process/M.A. Gopinath. XV. Information products and services: 1. Pricing of information products and services/Khaiser Jahan Begum. XVI. Abstracting and indexing techniques: 1. Fundamental theories in abstracting : a sign-quanon for research and development/B.B. Shukla. 2. Indian standard rules for making alphabetical indexes/B. Ramesh Babu. XVII. Library materials : their conservation: 1. Preventive conservation of library materials/S.K. Senapati and P.K. Nagta. XVIII. Authors and book production: 1. Authorship pattern and authors productivity/A.A. Vaishnav and U.R. Aghav. XIX. Libraries and research: 1. Pattern of development of social sciences during the last 200 years/Sewa Singh. 2. Analysis of "Thesis" submitted to universities/Ally Sornam and B.S. Swaroop Rani. XX. Library personnel: 1. The library and its working group - a study/Subodh Gopal Nandi. 2. Women as library managers, in Kerala : a comparative study/V. Rajan. XXI. Reading habit and user needs: 1. Use of library and reading habits among college students/Madhuri Arora. 2. Information seeeking behaviour of psychiatrists : an analysis/A. Thaivayagam. 3. Information needs of agricultural scientists for promoting farm technology : a survey/D.C. Ojha. XXII. Libraries and archives: 1. Symbiosis of archives and information/L.S. Ramaiah. XXIII. Obsolescence of reading material: 1. Obsolescence of literature in library and information science/B.U. Kannappanavar and C.R. Bhat. XXIV. Information tools: 1. Harnessing the information tools of the 90's with reference to India/S. Sharma. XXV. Prof. Kaula and LIS profession: 1. Stepping up the top of the profession/S. Parthasarthy. 2. Prof. Kaula and library movement in Delhi/Krishan Kumar and S.R. Gupta. 3. Library development programme in collaboration with University Grants Commission and Prof. P.N. Kaula/O.P. Gupta. 4. Kaula in "Herald" : an analysis/Swaroop Rani, Ally Sornam and Geetha. 5. Teaching methods of Professor P.N. Kaula/A.S. Chandel. 6. Tribute to a versatile teacher : Prof. Kaula's contribution to LIS profession/G.V.S.L. Narasimha Raju. 7. A tribute to the editorial skill of Prof. Kaula/Ramansu Lahiri. 8. The great guru Professor Kaula : my experience as student/D.C. Ojha. XXVI. Professor Kaula : his life and works: 1. Professor Kaula : his life and works/B.B. Shukla. 2. Kaula's life and mission/Sister M. Esperanza, A.C. 3. The great guru Prof. Kaula - My experiences as student/D.C. Ojha. XXVII. Prof. Kaula : an evaluation: 1. In honour of Professor Kaula/Emilia Curras. 2. Under the beacon light of a great inspiring teacher/U.M. Thakur. 3. Leadershi : a case study of Banaras Hindu University Library/J.C. Bainwal. 4. Kaula - a champion of Indian library profession/P. Srinivasulu K. Padmasankar Rao. 5. Kaula's fame on global arena/Mahi Narayan Jha. 6. Impressions of Prof. P.N. Kaula from the USA/Jashu Patel. 7. Prithivi Nath Kaula : an international assessment/Anis Kurshid. 8. Conferences given by Professor Kaula and their impact on teaching of classification/Rosa San Sergurido Manuel. XXVIII. Prof. Kaula and Dr. Ranganathan: 1. Prof. Kaula - a legacy of Dr. Ranganathan/P. Barua. 2. Ranganathan and Kaula - paradoxical linkages/P.S.G. Kumar. 3. Professor Prithvi Nath Kaula : a true disciple of Dr. Ranganathan/V.E. Thillainayagam. Appendices. Index.

"The present work consists seventy six papers arranged under twenty nine themes written by national and international prominent library scholars. The contributions have highlighted Prof. Kaula's ideals and contributions to the Indian librarianship. Prof. Kaula has promoted theories and techniques for Prof. S.R. Ranganathan throughout his life time. He himself is a prominent dynamic personality and a legendary figure in the discipline.

"This is a unique effort of its kind in which papers have been contributed in honour of Prof. Kaula on his 71st birthday. The publication has valuable contributions on all aspects of library movement in the country and outside. New innovations of the discipline and international concerns have been outlined. The volume will certainly be useful to the library users and to the knowledge seekers of library and information science."

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