A Text Book of International Law

Kalinga Kumar Panda, Anmol, 1998, xi, 330 p, ISBN : 8126101075, $21.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Contents: I. International Law of Peace: 1. Definition, scope, and nature. Is international law, a law?. 2. Sources of international law. 3. Condification. 4. Relation between international law and Municipal law. 5. Subjects of international law: Sovereign states-- Part-Sovereign. States and non-sovereign states. International organisations--Individuals. 6. Rights and duties of sovereign states: Intervention--Monroe doctrine. Drago doctrine. 7. Recognition of state and Government: Importance--Therories--Is it a duty?. Types--Withdrawal--Recognition of Government--Recognition of insurgency and Belligerency-Effects. 8. State succession: types--consequences. 9. State terrotory: Importance--Types--Boundary lines--Different parts--Rivers--Inter Oceanic Canals--Internal waters--Air space--Acquisition and loss of territory. 10. Law of Seas: Historical background--Geneva convention--U.N. Convention--Territorial Sea and contiguous zone--E.E.Z.--Continental shelf--High seas. 11. Outer space. 12. Jurisdiction: Meaning--Territorial-Personal--Protective--Universal--Criminal-Over Aliens--Principle of double Jeopardy--Extorritoriality. 13. Nationality: Importance--Acquisition and loss--Double nationality--Statelessness. 14. Aliens: Admission--Status after entry--Explusion-Asylum--Extradition. 15. Diplomatic agents: Classification--Appointment--Termination--Functions--Immunities.

16. Consular relations. 17. Treaties: Definition--Types--Capacity--Conclusion--Invalidity--Doctrine of pacta Sunt Servanda--Interpretation--Revision--Suspension--Termination. 18. Settlement of international disputes: peaceful settlement--Coersive or compulsive settlement. II. International Laws of War: 19. War: Attempts for renunciation--Legal nature--Types--Non-War hostilities--Nature of modern war--Conduct--Effects. 20. Enemy character: Individuals--Ships--Cargoes--Corporations. 21. Laws of land warface: Combatants and noncombatants--Use of ruses and weapons--Protection of Civilian population--Prohibition of wanton destruction--Treatment of P.O.Ws--Care of Sick and wounded--Relationship between belligerents. 22. Belligerent occupation. 23. Laws of naval warfare: Privateering--Merchant ships--Enemy character--Exemption of ships--Hospital ships--Naval Bombardment--Giving quarters--Sub-Marine warfare--Use of mines--Postal correspondences--Use of ruses--Post-war developments. 24. Laws of Aerial Warfare. 25. Termination of War and hostilities. 26. War crimes: Nuremburg trial--Tokyo trial. III. Laws of Neutrality: 27. Neutrality: Meaning--Under league and U.N.O.--Right and duties--Unneutral service. 28. Blockade: Meaning--Nature--Types--Requirements--Violations--Termination. 29. Contraband: Meaning--Classification--Laws of seizure--Doctrine of continuous voyage. IV. International Organisations: 30. International organisation: Historical background--United Nations Organisation--General Assembly--Security Council--ECOSOC--Trusteeship Council--Secretariat--International Court of Justice]

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