Indian Numismatics: Its Bearing on History, Culture, Art and Iconography

Devendra Handa, Aryan Books International, 2022, xviii, 294 p, ISBN : 9788173056659, $95.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Indian Numismatics: Its Bearing on History, Culture, Art and Iconography

Contents: Preface. 1. Identification of the Crested Figure of Punch-marked and Ujjain Coins. 2. Vatasvaka Coins. 3. Kada Coins. 4. Coins of Sujyeshtha. 5. Lead Coins of Gomitra and Vishnumitra. 6. Coins of Pratishthana. 7. Two Interesting Coins of King Gomitra of Mathura. 8. Legends on Kuninda Silver Coins: Numismatic Evidence of the Transition from Prakrit to Sanskrit. 9. Revisiting Trigarta Coins. 10. Orthographical Peculiarities of Yaudheya and Some Other Tribal Coins. 11. Coins from Maheshwar. 12. Coins of the City State of Hathodaka. 13. Coins of Kurara(ya) and Kuraghara. 14. Alleged Coin of Brahmana-nagara-sthana. 15. Early Indian Lead Coins. 16. The Bull on Indian Coins. 17. Panchala Coins: Sovereigns, Symbols and Significance. 18. Some Interesting Ayodhya Coins. 19. Some Observations on the Square Copper Coins of Ayodhya. 20. A New Type Coin of Sivaghoshaka. 21. Social Mobility and the Migration of a Numismatic Motif. 22. Coins of King Magha. 23. Seals and Sealings from Haryana. 24. An Interesting Gupta Clay Sealing from Kausambi. 25. The Aulikaras and Their Associates: Recent Numismatic Evidence. 26. Lion as the Vehicle of Siva on Kashmir Coins. 27. Interesting Clay Sealings of Bhavaraja. 28. Two Interesting Sealings of Rajamatyas. 29. A Copper Seal of Dhavalapa. 30. A Unique Gold Coin of King Sura-Varmmana–I of Kashmir. 31. A Diminutive Silver Coin of Sarangapanideva. Bibliography. Index.

The present volume contains 31 essays which have significant bearing on history, culture, art, architecture, religion, iconography, language, orthography, palaeography, geography, metallurgy, coin-technology, movement of peoples, migration of motifs, etc. The first paper deals with the much debated crested figure of punch-marked and Ujjain coins which has variously been identified with different deities by scholars. Fresh clinching evidence has been presented to identify the figure properly. Vatasvaka coins found from the Taxila region have been debated for long but a new piece illustrated here establishes it to be a place-name. Many new types and varieties of copper and lead coins bearing the Brahmi legend Kadasa have been discussed and illustrated together with the species belonging to Sujyeshtha, Gomitra and Vishnumitra, all from Sugh in Haryana. An up-to-date data of Pratishthana coins has been presented. Coins of Gomitra of Mathura reveal the earliest appearance of nimbus and a new technique of making coins. For the first time eight different versions of legends on the silver Kuninda coins have been presented. Coins of the Trigartas have been revisited illustrating newer varieties, some found from Pakhtunkhwa in Pakistan. Orthographic peculiarities of Yaudheya and other coins betray scriptural bearing on pronunciation of certain sounds. An exhaustive treatment of coins from Maheshwar with many new varieties of city-state specie forms the subject of another paper. Coins of the city-states of Hathodaka and Kuraghara/Kuraraya have been discussed with their possible significance and newer identification of the location of the former. Many new coins and seals/sealings like those of Magha, Sivaghoshaka, Bhavaraja, Dhavalapa, Sarangapanideva, Sura-Varmmana, Vijayamitra, etc. from different places and belonging to different dynasties have a great bearing on their history and chronology. A new epithet of Rajamatya has been deciphered on some sealings. Coins from Kashmir show lion as Siva’s vehicle instead of Nandi. Corroborative literary evidence has been searched and cited. New and interesting evidence regarding the Aulikaras and their associates has been discussed for the first time. The work is adequately illustrated with some latest finds.

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