Assignment India

Edited by Christopher Thomas, Har-Anand, 1999, 250 p, ISBN : 812410266X, $24.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Assignment India/edited by Christopher Thomas

Contents: 1. Introduction/Christopher Thomas. 2. Clothes and papers/John Ward Anderson and Molly Moore. 3. Bharat Zindabad/Fred Brown. 4. We are an Ambush/Michael Hamlyn. 5. The joys of Indian India/Mark Tully. 6. Of socks and heat/Trevor Fishlock. 7. Covering a war with the Indian Army/Granville (Bob) Watts. 8. Russians in India/George Evans. 9. You're not Mr. Campbell of moral rearmament?/Doon Campbell. 10. The best job in journalism/Derek Brown. Index.

"The authors of this volume spent many years in India gaining insights and experiences from the unique vantage point of the journalist. Their collective knowledge spans the entire 50 years of independence. The essays offer a special look at India through the eyes of people who were paid to understand someting of it, and then to share that knowledge with a foreign audience. Their stories are intensely personal. Some of the authors still reside in India: most have long since left. All have enjoyed the privilege of extensively wandering India's cities and backwaters in search of news, of plunging into the murky depths of its politics and delving as best they can into its complex cultures. Each in his or her own way has sought to attune to the rhythms of the most amazing country on earth. These essays are their collective tribute." (jacket)

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