Tiger Haven

Billy Arjan Singh. Edited by John Moorehead, OUP, 1998, 237 p, Photographs, ISBN : 019564798X, $15.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Contents: 1. The discovery of Tiger Haven. 2. Jasbirnagar. 3. Early days at Tiger Haven. 4. Establishing the sanctuary. 5. Animals of the open plains. 6. The tiger--species in peril. 7. The tiger--king of cats. 8. Maneaters. 9. The forest animals. 10. Animals nearer home. 11. Securing the sanctuary. 12. The shutter and the trigger. 13. The king and I. 14. The lost cause?. Epilogue. Select Bibliography.

"One hundred years ago India was a sportsman's paradise. Now, almost unnoticed by the world, Indian wildlife has faded away under the pressure of people and cultivation; the tiger population has been reduced to less than 2,000, and the deer and antelope, which were once so numerous, have, in many places, been harried out of existence.

"This book is the story of the work of one man, Billy Arjan Singh, to protect Indian wildlife in one small area. Tiger Haven stands at the north of the Indian plains, five miles from the Nepal border, where the seemingly limitless plains of Uttar Pradesh give way to terai forests and then to the Himalayan foothills. Tiger Haven shelters one of the last remaining large herds of swampdeer in the world, and it is here that Billy Arjan Singh has studied the chital, sambhar, leopard, Marsh crocodile, hogdeer, and, above all, the tiger. His observations, made over a long period at Tiger Haven, make fascinating reading, as does his account of his development from sportsman and farmer to conservationist and photographer--a transition which he sees, extended throughout society, as the only hope for Indian wildlife."

[Billy Arjan Singh also wrote The Prince of Cats, Tara A Tigress, and Tiger ! Tiger !]

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