Air Law and Policy in India

Edited by S. Bhatt, V.S. Mani and V. Balakista Reddy, Lancers, 1997, Reprint, xviii, 620 p, ISBN : 8170950449, $36.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Contents: Preface. 1. Introduction/S. Bhatt. 2. History and development of air law in India: a survey/V.S. Mani and V. Balakista Reddy. 3. History of aviation/G.S. Sachdeva. 4. A survey of current air law in India/S. Bhatt. 5. Organisation of civil aviation department in India/M.R. Sivaraman. 6. The Aircraft Act 1934 and Aircraft Rules 1937/Rishal Singh. 7. An analysis of the Chicago Convention of 1944/V. Balakista Reddy. 8. Liberalisation of international air transportation--a legal study/A. Sudhakara Reddy. 9. Environmental protection measures and air law in India/V. Balakista Reddy. 10. India and Bilateral air services agreements/M.R. Sivaraman and Rishal Singh. 11. Liability of the carrier under the Indian carriage by Air Act 1972/J.C. Batra. 12. International aviation liability with special reference to Warsaw regime/A. Sudhakara Reddy. 13. The relevance of consumer protection act to claims concerning carriage by air/G.S. Sachdeva. 14. Airlines ownership: emerging patterns/Rajendra Maheswari and Pushpa Maheshwari. 15. Air law and airspace management in India/M.S.G.K. Warrier. 16. Aviation in India--past, present and future--an overview/Air Marshal C.K.J. Raje. 17. Restoring faith in civil aviation management in airlines/S.S. Sidhu. 18. Air law and aviation policy in India/S. Bhatt. 19. Upper limits of the sovereignty in the airspace: new challenges of technology/V.S. Mani. 20. Air routes and aerodromes in India/M.S.G.K. Warrier. 21. Aviation security, international terrorism and the Indian response/V.S. Mani. 22. Current progress of air transport in India/M.R. Sivaraman. 23. Contribution by Indian pioneers and scholars towards the development of civil aviation and air law and policy in India/M. Sisodia. 24. Development in aviation in India and future outlook for national airlines/S. Bhatt. Appendices: 1. The Aircraft Act, 1934. 2. The Indian Aircraft Rules (Customs), 1920. 3. The International Airports Authority Act, 1971. 4. The Carriage by Air Act, 1972. 5. The Tokyo Convention Act, 1975. 6. The Anti-Hijacking Act, 1982. 7. The Suppression of Unlawful Acts Against Safety of Civil Aviation Act, 1982. 8. Statutory Notifications Affecting Aviation in India. 9. Notification for Application of Carriage by Air Act to Carriage Which Is Not International. 10. The Chicago Convention on International Civil Aviation, 1944, in force 4.4.1947. 11. The Air Service Transit Agreement (for Scheduled Air Services) (1944) in force 30.1.1945. 12. The Air Corporations (Transfer of Undertakings and Repeal) Act, 1994 in force 29.1.1994. Bibliography. Index.

From the preface: "The present compilation is an attempt to study the history of air law and air space management, with special reference to India and its growing interests in air travel. Various Indian scholars engaged not only in the study and research in air law, but also in the formulation and implementation of policies about air travel, and its management in India, have joined together under the auspices of the International Legal Studies Division of the Jawaharlal Nehru University to examine and evaluate the various problems and policies about air law and civil aviation."

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