50 Years of Indian Librarianship

Edited by G. Devarajan, Ess-Ess, 1999, 402 p, tables, ISBN : 8170002532, $50.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Contents: Preface. 1. Academic libraries on India/K. Ravindran. 2. Academic libraries in higher education in Kerala: an assessment/G. Devarajan. 3. Public library development in India: an historical perspective since 1947/S.S. Jagnayak. 4. Special libraries scene in India: a conspectus/K.P. Vijayakumar. 5. Manuscript libraries in India/P. Perumal. 6. Health information for the world: an overview with special reference to India/M. Chandrakumaran Nair. 7. Health science literature and information resources: global and Indian scenario/S. Balasubramanian. 8. Development of subject indexing in India/M. Parameswaran and T.V. Ramesh Kumar. 9. Library computerisation in India: an overview/S. Shibu Ray and S. Shynu Ray. 10. Services in automated libraries: challenges and opportunities/Henry N. Mendelsohn. 11. Databases and networks in India/A. Amudhavalli. 12. Electronic journals/S. Shynu Ray and S. Shibu Ray. 13. The attitude of professional librarians towards information technology/K.P. Somanathan Nair. 14. Motivation to manage: a comparative study between male and female library and information students in the United States of America and India/Sarala M. Murgai. 15. Library and information science literature: fifty years of Indian contribution/Sewa Singh. 16. Library and information science education and research in India/G. Devarajan. Bibliography. Index.

"Information is a vital resource and valuable input for sustainable social development. Development of various types of libraries in India was in a sluggish pace during the post independence period. Attempts were made for the establishment of various types of libraries during the post independence period because of the initiative of various organisations. Now it is time to make an objective assessment in the development of libraries and librarianship in India during the past 50 years at the time when India celebrates the 50th year of independence. This volume contains sixteen learned articles focused on various aspects of public libraries, academic libraries, special libraries and library and information science education and research during the past five decades in India.

"This book is useful to the libraries, students, research scholars and teachers in library and information science. It is a valuable addition to library and information science literature." (jacket)

[G. Devarajan is currently the Head of the Department of Library and Information Science and Dean, Faculty of Arts University of Kerala.]

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