A Handbook of Ethnobotany

S.K. Jain and V. Mudgal, BSMPS, 1999, 309 p, ISBN : 8121101778, $42.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Contents: Preface. 1. Ethnobotany an organised science. 2. Areas of investigation. 3. Sources of data and methods of study. 4. Preparation for field work. 5. Collection of information. 6. Collection of plant specimens. 7. Constraints. 8. Beyond inventorying. 9. Suggested readings. Appendices: 1. Selected titles from ethnobotanical publications. 2. Selected portions from selected publications. 3. Proformas for background information.

From the preface: "During the last ten years, many books have come up to serve as text books or guides for concept, scope, methodology and practical utility of ethnobotany. Almost all of them are by authors who live in developed countries, but have worked in far off locations and among technologically less developed people, very different from their own traditions, language and culture.

"Thus, many concepts, suggestions for estabilishing communication with the indigenous people, infrastructual and transport facilities and even financial or other resources available to them do not always match or suit on-the-ground situation in India.

"This handbook draws from the personal experience of authors over three decades (ca five decades for SKJ) and of course, on the useful and relevant published material, particularly the lectures given during training courses organised by society of ethnobotanists."

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