A Text Book of Fishery Science and Indian Fisheries

C.B.L. Srivastava, Kitab Mahal, 2013, Reprint, xvi, 532 p, figs, ISBN : 9788122501391, $40.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Contents: Preface. 1. Introduction. 2. World fisheries. 3. Indian fisheries. 4. Fish as a food commodity. 5. Fish population. 6. Ecology of aquatic ecosystems. 7. Growth and age studies on fishes. 8. Fecundity, survival and mortality in fishes. 9. Fish nutrition and artificial feed. 10. Natural and artificial breeding in fish. 11. Rational fishery. 12. Concept of management and conservation of wild stock. 13. Fishing gear and conventional fishing methods. 14. Unconventional fishing methods. 15. Aquaculture: Part I: Fish culture. II. Culture of non-fish organisms. 16. Fish pathology, aetiology and therapy of diseases. 17. Hormonal and genetic approach to fisheries. 18. Taxonomy, classification and systematics of fish. 19. Methods in fishery science study. Index.

"The book is intended to be used as a text in course on fisheries. It deals with the subject in the widest sense, including fisheries of "non-fish" organisms, besides of "true" fishes. It gives a comprehensive account of the fishery science, on the one hand, and of present state of Indian fisheries vis-a-vis World fisheries, on the other hand. The treatement offers diverse information, through step-by-step procedures, never before compiled into one volume. The book thoroughly covers all basic information on the subject of fisheries to make the reader up-to-date with the latest in this field where proliferation of scientific information has not only been fast but enormous too in the last decade. One of the principal aims of the book is to present the account in simple language and in straight forward manner, avoiding grotesque phrases, in order to make the reading easy and assimilation quick." (jacket)

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