Encyclopaedia of Indian Theatre : Vol. 1: Bhasa

Biswajit Sinha, Raj, 2000, 240 p, ISBN : 8186208119, $44.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Encyclopaedia of Indian Theatre : Vol. 1: Bhasa/Biswajit Sinha

Contents: Preface. I. Introduction. II. Bhasa's plays: 1. Abhisekanatakam. 2. Avimaraka. 3. Balacarita. 4. Daridra Carudattam. 5. Dutaghatotkacha. 6. Dutavakya. 7. Karnabhara. 8. Madhyam-Vyayoga. 9. Pancaratra. 10. Pratijnayaugandharayanam. 11. Pratimanatakam. 12. Svapnavasavadatta. 13. Urubhanga. 14. Yajnaphala. III. Bhasa Mahotsavam. IV. Kutiyattam and Bhasa plays. V. Bhasa plays in performance: 1. Abhisekanataka. 2. Avimaraka. 3. Balacharitam. 4. Daridracarudatta. 5. Dutaghatotkacha. 6. Dutavakya. 7. Karnabharam. 8. Madhyamavyayoga. 9. Pancaratra. 10. Pratijnayaugandharayana. 11. Pratimanatakam. 12. Svapnavasavadatta. 13. Urubhangam. VI. Bibliography: 1. Principal works (text). 2. Translations. 3. Bio - critical notices. Index.

"This is the first and probably the last encyclopaedia of Indian theatre of this millenium. A multi-volume reference work, the first few of which will be a definite guide to great masters of ancient Indian drama such as Bhasa, Kalidasa, Bhavabhuti, Bodhayana, Sudraka, Vishakhadutt etc. The later volumes will be so designed to give a cornucopia of information. The Indian stage from its beginnings to the present in each linking volumes such us Tagore theatre, Indian - English theatre, regional theatres, folk theatres, theatrical movements, theatre institutions and so on. The encyclopaedia promises to be a landmark work, bringing together the varied subject areas, concerns of those who seek so understand Indian theatre in its depth and breadth, and "represent" it to coming generations. The present volume quickly establishes itself as the standard one volume resource on 'Bhasa'--the first regular dramatist of ancient Indian. This is a bio-bibliographical work that offers a wealth of information on this Sanskrit playwright, providing almost everything you need to know about this genius and foreign rendering, critical insight into his writings, synopsis, plots and dramatis personae of his plays. Above it, the encyclopaedia historical awareness to the performances of Bhasa plays over the last two centuries. An accurate and concise compendium addressed to Sanskritists, student of literature and drama, theatre lovers, critics and art historians." (jacket)

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