Asia-Pacific : Security, Globalisation and Development

Edited by M.L. Sondhi and K.G. Tyagi, Manas, 2001, 384 p, ISBN : 8170491290, $39.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Asia-Pacific : Security, Globalisation and Development/edited by M.L. Sondhi and K.G. TyagiContents: Introduction. I. National security and peace: 1. United States and the Asia-Pacific region/Zbigniew Brzezinski. 2. Central European security policy/Andras Balogh. 3. The nature of democratic peace and other forms of non-war/Martin Sherman. 4. The emerging order for regional peace and international security/Arya Bhushan Bhardwaj. 5. A new era of North-South Korean reconciliation and co-operation/Yong-Ok Park. 6. Indian diplomacy and the emerging world order: options, opportunities and constraints/Arun Kumar Singh. 7. Sources of insecurity in South Asia: emerging trends/Vijay Kumar. 8. National security policy: the basis for national resurgence/Bharat Karnad. 9. Korean peace process and emerging regional order in East-Asia/Changsu Kim and Taeho Kim. 10. Religious harmony and world peace : a Gandhian critique/A.K. Chirappanath. 11. The emerging order for regional peace and international security/Debasis Bagchi. 12. Security in the new millennium/Ramesh Thakur. II. Globalisation, regional development and Asia-Pacific: 13. India and regional development cooperation/Yoginder K. Alagh. 14. America and India in Asia-Pacific/Ashok Kapur. 15. India and Asia-Pacific in the changing world order/Hoshiar Singh and R.S. Yadav. 16. Some pitfalls and challenges for Asia-Pacific under globalisation/J. George Waardenburg. 17. The role of India in a changing Asia-Pacific region/Son Ngoc Bui. 18. Demographic situation of Vietnam in the Asian context/R.S. Dube. 19. Emerging strategic scenario in the Asia-Pacific: with special reference to the South-East Asian nations’ quest for peace/Pramod Mishra. 20. India in the changing world in the beginning of 21 century/Meyer Mikhail. 21. Globalisation and importance of investment in human capital and its determinants/Sushanta Kumar Nayak. 22. Globalisation, ethnicity and ethnic entrepreneurship in Asian countries/Govinda Chandra Rath. 23. Ethnicity and globalization/K. Borichpolets. 24. The prospects of interaction in the triangle Russia-India-China/Sergei Lounev. 25. Global governance by formation of global policy institutions : the tasks of the Third World/Bhaskar Majumder. 26. India-Vietnam relationship: past and present/Tran Thi Ly. Index.
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