Jnaneshvar : The Life and Works of the Celebrated Thirteenth Century Indian Mystic-Poet

S. Abhayananda, Sri Satguru, 2000, Reprint, 260 p, ISBN : 8170306744, $0.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Jnaneshvar : The Life and Works of the Celebrated Thirteenth Century Indian Mystic-Poet/S. Abhayananda

Contents: Preface. I. The life of Jnaneshvar: 1. The historical setting. 2. Vitthal and Rakhumabai. 3. The new King of Devgiri. 4. Nivritti finds his Guru. 5. The death of Vitthal. 6. A new beginning. 7. Jnaneshvar becomes enlightened. 8. The creations of the poet. 9. A new Sultan comes to power. 10. The pilgrims of Pandharpur. 11. On the road to Kashi. 12. Return to Pandharpur. 13. The seige of Devgiri. 14. Treachery at Manukpur. 15. Jnaneshvar’s Samadhi. Bibliography. II. The works of Jnaneshvar: Preface. Amritanubhav. 1. The union of Shiva and Shakti. 2. Salutations to Sri Nivritti. 3. The requirements of speech. 4. Knowledge and ignorance. 5. Existence, consciousness, bliss. 6. Inefficacy of the word. 7. Refutation of ignorance. 8. Refutation of knowledge. 9. Secret of natural devotion. 10. Blessings to the world. Haripatha. Changadev Pasashti. Notes. Index.

"Jnaneshvar : The Life and Works tells the story of the life and career of Jnaneshvar, who emerges as one of the most brilliant poets, sublime mystics, and facinating figures in all of medieval Indian history. At an age when most men have scarcely begun their life’s work, Jnaneshvar, who lived from 1271 to 1296, a mere span of twenty-five years, had ended his; but not before having built an everlasting monument to his memory in the written masterpieces he left behind. In so few years, he had established a legacy that was to revitalize his culture, his language, his religious tradition, and make a place for himself as an enduring presence in the hearts of his countrymen for all time.

"The reason for his enduring popularity in his own homeland becomes evident when one discovers his written works. Even in English translation, the profundity of his though, the rich profusity of his imagery, and the unmistakeable style of his homespun wisdom at so tender an age, distinguish his works as those of a unique genius. The complete works included here in translation are Amritanubhav, :The Nectar of Mystical Experience"; Haripatha, "Sing The Name of Hari": and Changadev Pasashti, "Letter to Changadev."

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